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We think the best way for you to get a better understanding of all of the opportunities our placement can offer is to hear first-hand from our graduates themselves.

Graduate Testimonials


"Hi, I’m Daniel, one of the Tech grads that joined in 2020. I graduated with a Computer Science degree and didn’t know which area of technology I wanted to go into and specialise in. So, I started looking for a role that was focused on developing Grads, rather than one expecting a finished product. I think that’s what really made the IAG Tech role stand out to me, it was advertised as an opportunity to explore different areas within a large, leading company - it felt like a perfect match.

After I joined, I pulled together a list of skills I would like to develop and was quickly offered the opportunity to do so. One of the major things I’ve learned in IAG Tech since joining is the importance of clear and meaningful communication, within the scope of the office my skills were quickly tested, honed and improved. In addition, another area that I’ve developed is my presentation skills - my first placement had me leading many high stakes meetings, and this helped me to rapidly improve my confidence in pressure situations.

My highlight since joining has been creating and delivering a high-level policy in a subject I had no knowledge of prior to joining that business area. Seeing it develop from a blank piece of paper to a document worthy of delivery to several groups of the business was daunting but thrilling.

I think the common thing amongst the group of Grads this year is we are tenacious with big goals, and we’ve found the roles return whatever you put into it. To anyone who is considering applying to IAG Tech: go for it! The people are great and there’s a lot of opportunity."


"My name is Nisha and I am one of the current IAG Tech Graduates. A combination of my interest in the airline industry, my aerospace degree and the rapidly growing technology industry were the key reasons why I chose to work for IAG Tech. Although I hardly have any software/computer science skills, the broad variety of placements offered by IAG Tech allowed me to explore the different areas of the business and will help me figure out the potential route in Tech I would like to take in the future.

Since joining IAG Tech, I have strengthened my communication and analytical skills through leading meetings with key stakeholders, confidently voicing my views and providing constructive feedback on current processes. Shadowing one of the leaders in one of my placements helped me understand the current technological landscape, attend board level meetings, tailor presentations and observe conversation styles.

A key highlight for me was when I was given the opportunity to work on the transformation programme of IAG Tech (outside of my placements), which involved high-level analysis, collaboration with several individuals and board members across the entire organisation and has fast-tracked my understanding of the business.

It is very refreshing to start your career in a company that values transformation, knowledge sharing, agility and empowerment. I have received a lot of support, not just from my immediate team but from all other areas of the business and have been trusted and valued in the organisation. IAG Tech is a place for all graduates, regardless of your degree subject as there is a great learning culture and pathway for all."


"Hi, I’m Josh and I’ve spent my first six months of the IAG Tech Graduate Scheme on a Software Developer placement, doing work for IAG Loyalty. It’s really helped me to improve upon the skillset I developed whilst studying for my Computer Science degree.

My primary focus has been building several cloud-hosted microservices that will eventually be used across the company’s customer facing platforms. The team use the latest tooling to enable us to encourage collaboration, minimise code vulnerabilities and improve testing capabilities. I was pleased because I was immediately able to contribute valuable work to the project.

It’s been interesting to see how a modern and agile company functions and the steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth development process. Throughout my experience there’s been a determined focus on Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) practises that have allowed me to better understand the full lifecycle of a product’s journey.

I’ve taken the opportunity to get involved with several additional projects, including some Proof of Value programmes that have allowed me to trial new and exciting third-party services to see if they can complement and add value to the business.

In under a month I am due to start a Data Analytics placement in Vueling, which will be totally different to what I have been doing so far. The opportunity to try my hand at a wide range of roles was one of the factors contributing to why I applied to IAG Tech.

My advice to anyone looking to apply would be make sure you demonstrate your passion for technology. Do not be deterred if you feel your background isn’t technical enough; highlighting any evidence of you working hard to learn a new skill will always work in your favour. It is also important to show your collaboration and communication skills throughout the application process – technology is a team game."